About our Company

Glamorous Cleaning services is a company in local Reno, Nevada, founded by Ana Infante. Ana began working for a housekeeping company in the beginning. It was there that she decided to start her own business. Ana believed she could do a much better job in the area as opposed to the other local companies. While Ana was employed by another Company she noticed it lacked effort and the ability to completely finish the job.
The house keeping company she worked for had been advertising their services. Ana perceived that the company she was working with had not been following up with what they had advertised and what they had promised. A disagreement in Ana's consciousness had occurred. This is when she decided to take matter into her own hands. She founded Glamorous Cleaning Services.
Four years ago Glamorous Cleaning Services was founded by Ana Infante. According to her- “Every day I felt happy doing my best trying to housekeep the houses from top to bottom." After gathering experience, Ana says she improved known methods of cleaning and housekeeping. "Some of these forms and cleaning techniques I invented and designed myself." According to her they’re much more developed and practical.